Is this the Real Deal?? The Putting Alignment Mirror By Eyeline Golf



Gadget, gadget and more gadgets.

There absolutely everywhere aren’t they?

And they all have one thing in common – they all promise to transform your golf like never before.

So, I feel like it is my duty to seek out some of these gadgets and let you know what’s hot and what’s certainly not.

And I think I have found one here, which I must say – is pretty steaming.

As soon as I saw Eyeline Golf I was impressed with some of their stuff…

And the fact that they proudly mention that 16 of the top 24 golfers in the world are using their equipment quite naturally drew my attention straight away.

So after a little bit of research and time spent on their site, I ended up buying the…


The Putting Alignment Mirror



On the face of it, it’s just a couple of plastic mirrors, but please don’t let its simplicity put you off. There are some very helpful features on this that I think will really benefit your putting stroke, no matter what level you are.



The Shoulder Alignment Mirror




Firstly, I think it’s important to point out that this mirror does not come as the standard $39.99 price which is shown on the site. This is another $20, but for me, this feature is imperative if you are going to buy this tool.

Poor shoulder alignment is one of the biggest reasons golfers miss putts, so it’s something that’s very important for you to get right.

For example, I tend to get my shoulders very open at address (aim left) and this often results in the putter moving on an ‘out to in’ path which then forces me to compensate during my stroke.




Popular Youtuber Peter Finch Explaining why Alignment really matters


In my experience, the less you have to compensate, the more consistent putter you’ll be.

This is very simple to use. Once set up to the ball, you’ll be able to see your shoulder position in the mirror.

And you simply line your shoulders up with the line which is shown in the picture (pink arrow)

As soon as I took my normal set up, I could see straight away that my shoulders were a little open.

So I just simply squared them up and almost instantly I was getting a better roll on the ball…

I got the ball running with a lot more topspin, so the ball was actually running at the hole.

Here’s me using it and knocking in a few putts with my new and improved alignment.





Through the Gate





Through the gate is a universal drill which is used by a lot of the top players. Tiger Woods was a huge advocate of this drill and I suppose he didn’t do too bad did he.




The purpose of this drill is to help you achieve a much more neutral path. You achieve this by simply missing the tees during your stroke (blue arrows). Basically, if you hit them you know your path is a little off.

Again very simple but again, very effective.

To be honest – if you were only buying this tool for the through the gate function, then you would probably be better off saving your money.

You could just use a couple of tees like Tiger…

But having said that, this tool does make it super easy to line up.

Whether it makes it $60 easy, is up to you to decide.


Face Alignment


Another great feature of the product is the thick red line between the tee positions. I found this very, very useful to align the putter head squarely at address.

Again if this is wrong to begin with, you will be forced to compensate somewhere else during your stroke.

In fact, the determinator of where the ball will start is the club face position at impact, so I don’t need to tell you how important this is to get right.


Eyeline Mirror




This is the  Eye line mirror that comes as the standard $39.99 price…

Now there are conflicting opinions in the golfing world of where your eyes should be at address. Some say they should always be directly over the ball, some say it kind of depends.

To be honest this feature is very useful no matter what camp you are in. You can see as clear as day where your eyes are in relation to the ball, so any method would work with this.

Once you take your normal setup, you’ll be able to see your eye position very clearly in the mirror.

Personally I like to have my eyes over the ball… and to my surprise, they were perfect from my normal setup. So I won’t check this for every putt, it’s something I’ll just keep on eye on – no pun intended.


Whilst You Are Watching TV


This is a tool that could certainly be used indoors – well most of it.



The through the gate feature won’t work unless you’ve got a front lawn in the middle of your living room. The tees kind of just wobble around and fall out.

But all the other features that I have mentioned work great and will certainly benefit your game with a quick 20 minutes in the evening, whilst the other half is watching something boring on the TV.


Length of Stroke



If you look at the picture again, you’ll see a number of holes towards the back of the eyeline mirror. These are there so you can gauge the length of your backstroke.

For instance, if you tend to take the putter back too far and you tend to decelerate in the follow through, you can place a tee in one of these holes.

This will force you to shorten your backstroke and allow you to create a more accelerated follow through.

The length of my backstroke is not something I struggle with at the moment, so it’s not something I have been using.

But I think would certainly benefit a lot of golfers.


Nice Extra Touch


Both mirrors come with a nice case to keep them spic and span, like so. Both easily fit in my golf bag as well, so I have always got them on hand.


The Downside


OK, there are a couple of little negatives. Nothing too major because I really rate this tool, but at the same time no product is perfect so I think it’s worth mentioning these.

The fact you cannot use the ‘Through the Gate’ function indoors was a little disappointing. Having said this, there are plenty of lines on the mirror which help you to gauge the correct path, so I suppose you don’t really need them.

But I think it would be nice to have them there as a check to 100% know that your path is correct.

I think Eyeline Golf should look at maybe producing a plastic tee which will fit in the holes so this feature can be used indoors. It will only enhance an already brilliant product.


Delivery and Postage


Eyeline is based in the US and all of the deliveries are sent from there. So, living in the UK, I had to wait 10 days to receive the product, which for an impatient bloke like me, was a tiny bit annoying.

However I was quoted 2-3 weeks on delivery and it arrived early, so that was a nice surprise. Expect to pay $15 on delivery if you are based outside of the US.


You May Rely Too Heavily On it


This is nothing to do with the product itself, it’s more to how you will use it…

I see this as something to use at the beginning of each putting practice session – not the entire session.

Let me explain…

Using this tool would be classed as block practising. If you’re unfamiliar with this term it is where you hit the same shot over and over again. Studies suggest that although block practising can be useful, practising randomly is actually better for skill retention.


Example of a random practice:


Putt 1 – 5 foot, downhill, left to right.

Putt 2 – 8 foot, uphill, right to left

Putt 3 – 3 foot, straight up hill.


And so on. You never it the same shot twice in a row.

I talk about the reasons why random practice is better for skill retention in our Free Ebook.

But the main take away from this, is to not let this tool take over your putting sessions.  It will provide a huge benefit to you as long as you still incorporate a lot of random practice.

I suggest you use it at the start of the session (first 20 or so minutes) and then take those feels/techniques into a much more random environment.

This way you’ll not only enhance your technical ability but your skill level as well.


Would I recommend it?


Absolutely, this tool will be a big feature of my future practice sessions. The great thing about it, it will give me a lot of confidence on the golf course because I’ll know my fundamentals are in order. As you may know – when you are not quite sure and you have doubt, this is when those iffy strokes can come in.

The whole thing set me back $75 with postage which I think is pretty good value for what it will provide my putting stroke.

If you are interested in improving your putting, then you can take a look HERE at the options available.



I am a low handicap golfer and an absolute golf addict. I have a huge passion for helping golfers with what I believe is the most important aspect of their golf game - their mindset. I have completed my golf psychology coaching certificate and I continue to learn every single day, all so I can help golfers become better at this great game.