Golf in the UK FREE Swing Assessment

How does the FREE SWING ASSESSMENT work?


All you have to do is upload two videos of your golf swing in the portal above…

The portal will allow you to only enter a ‘down the line’ version but for a more thorough and accurate assessment both are recommended. 



#1 Down the line



#2 Face on



Luke – Left, Dean – Right


Luke will then respond within 48 hours with his feedback and show you how you can take your swing to a new level.


What if I don’t have the video’s right now?


If you haven’t got the videos now – no problem, still put your email in the bar at the bottom of this page and we’ll send you a response which will remind you to video them next time you’re at the range or ton he course.


So, who are we?


If you are new to Golf in the UK – we are two brothers who are golfing fanatics.

I (Dean) have been a very low handicapper since the age of 14 and played in some of the most prestigious amateur competitions here in the UK. I have also just completed my ‘Golf Psychology Coaching Certificate‘.


Luke has been a PGA qualified Pro for over 7 years and in that time, he has taught thousands of lessons to golfers of every standard and has built a huge client base. At the age of only 27, he became a Director of Golf and runs a successful junior academy with over 100 children.


Here’s some of the cool things other golfers are saying in the short period we have been online…







We hope to receive your videos soon we can start making a real difference to your golf swing…

Dean Walker

Golf in the UK

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