Game Changer Academy


Are you getting seriously frustrated on the course and feel completely lost out there at times?

Do you feel like you really lack the consistency to get to the level you want to be playing at?

Do you really struggle taking your range game to the course?

Is a lack of distance letting you down?


Or do you find golf lessons just too expensive for you to commit?



If you have answered YES to any of the above then we can certainly help you solve those problems…


Who are we?


If you are new to Golf in the UK – we are two brothers who have played golf pretty much since we started being able to wipe our own bums. 

I (Dean) have been a very low handicapper since the age of 14 and played in some of the most prestigious amateur competitions here in the UK. I have recently obtained a golf psychology coaching certificate.

Luke has been a PGA qualified Pro for over 7 years and in that time, he has taught thousands of lessons to golfers of every standard and has built a huge client base. At the age of only 27 he became a Director of Golf and runs a successful junior academy with over 100 children.


The Journey so far…


So, it’s been just over 9 months since starting our blog and one thing has become very apparent… 

The satisfaction we receive from golfer’s like yourself writing to us telling us they have been inspired and improved from just reading our blog, watching our videos and following us on Facebook – is just immensely fulfilling.


Nothing beats it…


And now we feel is the right time to take it one step further… and offer our Game Changer Academy Gold Package!





 For just £16.67 per month…


  • Your own online golf coach.

  • 1 tailored video lesson per month.

  • Drills to take away which are tailored for you to hit your goals.

  • A practice plan which is specific for your requirements and limitations. (We understand time is limited)

  • Unlimited text support

  • A golf psychology Improvement plan tailored to your requirements.

  • Full access to our growing video library…





This is how easy the online tuition is…


Once registered, you will be directed to the Game Changer Academy Gold membership area.

Within the area, you will find the online assessment form. (you can’t miss it)

The assessment form will cover all areas of your game, where you are weak, strong, what goals you want to achieve. It covers everything!

This is very quick, easy to fill out and dummy proof. It will take about 5 minutes to complete and you will submit with a video of your golf current swing.

Once submitted, Luke will then have a crystal-clear picture of your strengths, weaknesses and how best to smash your intended goals.

He will then respond within 48 hours with an action plan completely tailored for you.

Then every month you will upload a video of your improved swing in the membership area and the process begins again.


It literally takes minutes.


The only bit you’ll have to do is film two golf swings per month. A rear shot and a front shot.

You will also receive Luke’s direct mobile number which you can contact him by text anytime. He will always be on hand to provide extra support. 

Remember, these packages are all designed to improve you as a golfer, so don’t hesitate in contacting us anytime!



Is this package for any level of golfer?


Absolutely, Luke has a wealth of experience in teaching and improving golfers of all levels. Whether you are a total beginner or a single figure handicap, we will certainly help you reach your goals…


What if the Packages are Not Working For Me?


In the unlikely event things are not working out for you, then don’t worry you can cancel anytime. You are not tied into anything!


So what on earth have you got to lose?


Come and join us today!



Still not convinced we are the right fit for you??


Here’s what other golfers like yourself have been saying about us…







So don’t waste any time in becoming the golfer you desire, come and join us today!


Dean + Luke Walker

Golf in the UK